We have many
years of experience

Throughout their individual corporal journeys, Ince&Can and Halken have accumulated the list of experiences that only the few in the property market have gathered and understood. These two strong entities strongly believe that from the unity derives real excellence. As a result of this understanding, they have come together to establish Octagon Development. This is the true integration of two successful companies who choose to put client priorities in front of general hunger for profit.

This is the vision laying behind the birth of Octagon Development. It is the desire to create something unique that shall help our investors/friends feel different. This is the motivation, the ultimate emotion to feel exclusive. We want our clients to feel Above the Crowd. That is why, we feel ready to start this journey of excellence with our first project: VOLNA

Halken Construction and Estate Co. Ltd. has been established in 1996 as a result of the collective efforts of a group of prominent individuals from Famagusta. Halken has been one of the leading companies in the construction sector and we have built a large number of residential and commercial properties in Famagusta, Nicosia, İskele and Karpaz regions. Our top priority has always been the complete satisfaction of our customers while we fully respect the nature and the environment in our building processes. As Halken Construction, we aspire to deliver our buildings on time with high quality and craftsmanship. Moreover we believe that the sale of a building is a lifetime journey with our customers and for that reason what we build at Halken is not only a house but a ‘home’ to be enjoyed for many years as well as being a perfect opportunity for investment.

Ince & Can Real Estate Partnership has been established in 2004. For more than 16 years, İnce&Can is dealing with property buy&sales especially on the east and the north coast of the Island of Cyprus. Our professional approach, our success in understanding the needs of our clients and our vision to understand the future hot prospect areas for our investors has made us as the most successful land dealing agency. Due to our success in valuation, eight local banks have appointed our company as their legal valuator for more than a decade. Our success drives from the loyalty, the consistency and the love towards of what we do. We strongly believe that these there universal elements will remain to be the driving force behind our continious success.